Say no to drugs

“Say No To Drugs” school assembly!

Often Henrik will combine his positive “Yes You Can” message with the message of saying no to drugs.  The two messages go hand in hand so it is only natural to combine them.  Henrik doesn’t believe you get very far if you “preach” the “Just say no” message to the kids but when he infuses it together with all the merriment that comes with plate spinning, juggling, uni-cycling and audience participation, the message, although subtle, will sound loud and clear for the children.

Henrik suggests a dialogue before the show about where your school is at re. drug awareness.  Every school, and every age group, is different and he tries to make it meaningful without being preachy everywhere he performs.

“I had no idea a juggling show could be so fun AND educational.  Everyone, both students and teachers, were confident and motivated after watching your fantastic performance.  Perfect for our drug awareness week”

George Smith:  Principal, Glendale Middle School