prov partnerConsider  adding value to the “Yes You Can” assembly by having Henrik teach a juggling workshop.

Henrik has taught a circus skills for many years.  Both at schools as well as with his team building workshop “Learn by Dropping the Ball” that he has inspired people at companies in the Pacific NW with.

This workshop is most effective for grades 5 and up.  In two times 45 minutes periods Henrik will have everyone juggling 3 balls.  The students will learn to embrace their mistakes as the necessary stepping-stones toward true success; not as the path to failure.  Once they have mastered that skill Henrik will teach them the power of team work when they get to juggle giant balloons together in pairs.   Learn By Dropping The Ball is excellent task-balancing practice that equally emphasizes single-minded focus and coordination.  You may even discover benefits you weren’t expecting!

There are a couple of different options re. juggling materials.  Every student should have access to 3 balls that ideally are a little heavy and not bouncy.  There are a few great ways to procure juggling balls.

  1. Start with three tennis ball.  Either cut a small hole (a swiss army knife works well) and shove a funnel into the hole and fill with rice, beans, sand or anything else you might have at hand.  It is also possible to poke a syringe through the ball, squeeze the air out and let the ball suck itself full of water through the needle. An adult needs to supervise this activity.  After having “weighted” the ball it works well to wrap a circle of electrical tape around the ball.  Three different colors work the best for distinguishing each ball.
  2. Fill a balloon with flower.  Tie it off when it is about the size of a tennis ball.  Blow up another balloon lightly and wrap the first balloon in it kind of shoving it in from the opposite side of the mouth hole and then let the air out.
  3. Purchase balls.  Henrik has very nice sets that can be purchased for $15/set of three.Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 11.47.12 AM