Yes You Can!

“Yes You Can” School Assembly

Our juggling and comedy performances teach kids how to accomplish anything they set their minds to.  Often it is combined with a “Say No To Drugs” message.

“Spectacular and inspiring.  What a great assembly.”

Eric Boden, Raft River Middle School

Treat your students to 45 minutes of educational fun!  Henrik mesmerizes his audiences with plate spinning, uni-cycling, comedy, and juggling.  All while telling the students that “Yes You Can”. Enjoy fielding complaints of faces hurting from laughter after the show.  And… those comments will come not only from your students, but from the faculty as well.

Danish born Henrik Bothe has thrilled audiences around the world; from the Tonight Show to Chinese TV.  He is one of the few active performers who connects equally with both the young and the young at heart.

For a limited time, Henrik is offering his performance “Yes You Can” with special pricing. If you book more than one show in a day the benefit increases, or team up with your neighbor school for group booking benefits!  Contact us for details.

“Our high school students gave Henrik a standing ovation.  I have never seen them do that to anyone before.”

Curt Bayer Kellogg High School


1100 kids and adults enjoy Henrik Bothe’s Grand Finale “The Plate Spinning Routine”

A photo speaks a thousand words, or in this case 1100 words.  Click on this photo from the Juan de Fuca Arts Festival and let every face tell you how thrilled your students would be to experience the “Yes You Can” performance.  Henrik’s assembly is a stupendous way to inject a joyful message of anything is possible.

“I had no idea a juggling show could be so fun AND educational.  Everyone, both students and teachers, were confident and motivated after watching your fantastic performance.”

George Smith:  Principal, Glendale Middle School